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Being working in the renewable energy field since some years, sometimes unlykely ideas about some "free" power generation systems came to my mind.

  • While Moon is over me  the weight of a generic mass near me will be reduced.
  • While Moon is at the opposite side the weight of a generic mass near me will be larger.
  • Than if I lift a mass when Moon is over me and I lower it (recoverying the potential energy) when Moon is at the opposite side than I should have a net energy available for each cycle.
  • That's an engine: a Moon's Gravity Engine!

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Natural numbers are one of the first things that we all have learnt first at school. They seems to be a so root concept that it seems non-sense to have a strict definition of the natural number concept. However from a logic point of view also Natural Numbers can be formally be defined. The definition that I propose here may not be the only possible one I think, but I have ever liked this definition for its simplicity and brightness at the same time.

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